Top 3 ways to find the right teaching job for you

The UK is crying out for great teachers and there are some fantastic teaching jobs in the West Midlands just waiting for the right applicants. However, if you’re looking for that next step in the teaching profession, how do you decide which one is for you? Here are three foolproof ways to find that dream teaching role that will kick-start the rest of your career:

Do you have schools in mind? If you already have specific schools in mind for teaching jobs in the West Midlands that you want to apply for then this is the logical place to start. For anyone who hasn’t already started thinking about the specific educational institutions, factors such as class sizes, teacher turnover, local demographics, school awards, reputation and academic performance tables are all worth bearing in mind.

What do you like teaching? This is key to finding the right role out of all the many teaching jobs in the West Midlands. Start by making a list of all the classes and courses that you have taught, including those that you weren’t too keen on at the time. Then sit down and work out what you enjoyed about each one and make a short-list of options. Once you have that short-list you can compare it to the schools you have in mind and see where these match up.

Go and scout the school. Once you reach the point where you have some specific schools in mind it can be a good idea to start by actually going there and seeing how you feel once on site. There’s such a wide range of teaching jobs in the West Midlands that the deciding factor might be something as simple as what the staff room is like, how the children respond to adults in the school, or what kind of facilities the school has.

It’s quite easy to find the right teaching job once you have sat down and thought about what you really want from it. Once you know the role you’re looking for then all you have to do is apply…