Rapper’s Rant Leads to Lawsuit

The Game, a rapper best known for his collaborations with Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) and Lil’ Wayne, has landed himself in court being sued for defamation after ranting about his former babysitter Karen Monroe on the social networking site, Instagram.

The rant on Instagram described Monroe as a liar and a thief who mistreated his three children and did things that are very inappropriate for a baby sitter to do, including smoking and drinking alcohol in front of the children.

He also accused the babysitter of having sex with her boyfriend whilst on duty, caring for his children. He also states that the used condom was left in his daughters bedroom. The rant went on to say that Monroe regularly neglects other celebrities children and foul mouths her employers behind their backs.

The rant, as I said, has landed The Game in court accused of defamation. The babysitter’s lawyers now have the job of proving that the derogatory statements were given as facts and were false. If the statements were given as opinion then no action can be taken against the rapper, however, a famous employment lawyer in the area is quoted as saying that “it is likely that he will argue that some of the things said in the statement are factually true and some of them are opinion, therefore, non-actionable.”

The lawsuit has been brought by Monroe after she has lost work and has been ‘blackballed’ in the industry, meaning that the things said have now limited her ability to get work. If it is proven that she has indeed lost work due to the comments made and that the comments were in fact false then the game can expect to shell out for damages, legal fees and of course loss of future earnings which for a celebrity babysitter must be pretty high.

This case is another example of the dangers of social networking websites and how careful you must be when using them. While this is a case of a famous and high profile star, these kinds of cases can be brought against anyone, the temptation to vent on these social sites can be high but it’s always best to keep some things out of the public domain. If you do decide to post derogatory statements or warnings about someone online then it might be best to be prepared for backlash and ensure that you can back up the statement with absolute fact.