Management: Boost Your Workplace Productivity

Employee Using Computer

Productivity is key in any workplace and a lack of it can break a business, that’s why your job as a manager, leader or supervisor is so important.

Now most of you will already know the age-old strategies of enforcing accountability and rewarding strong performances; moreover, these age-old strategies are still very much applicable but by taking them and introducing more modern tactics you can boost your workplace productivity.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about modern tactics such as encouraging workplace yoga and re-arranging furniture to achieve a less cluttered aura. I’m talking about applying old school ethos to modern day working environments and equipment.

Introducing & Encouraging Lists

Lists aren’t modern, it’s not a ground-breaking idea; however, you can apply modern tools to this practice to introduce more accountability between your colleagues and to ensure that everyone keeps a good record of what they have to do and when it has to be done by.

A Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) will be a fantastic tool for this point as not only can you make notes on customer interaction with current or potential customers, you can also use a CRM to schedule work, communicate with colleagues / employees and keep a workload.

A CRM system is largely sales and marketing orientated and therefore you might prefer to use an online business organiser such as Trello. The team here at 0886 use Trello to schedule post writing, editing and publishing and it allows our teams to collaborate together and share department workloads, encouraging accountability as all of the employees in that department will be able to who is meant to be doing what and by when.

Encourage a ‘Worst First’ Policy

Every now and then the majority of full time workers will encounter a task that they dread coming around and that hangs over their heads waiting to be completed. On these occasions a dab of ‘tough love’ can do the world of good.

Office Stress

Encourage your employees to get these tasks done and out of the way nice and early, even if it isn’t necessarily pressing. Having a daunting and arduous task hanging over your head will occupy your mind and lower overall productivity.

Invest in Analytics

Nowadays it’s possible for you to incorporate employee analytics software in your office and track your employees every digital move. It’s understandably easy for people to get distracted when they are given unlimited access to the world wide web but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

You could utilise this kind of software to track employee activity, monitor their performance and identify their peak performance time slot. This is the time slot in an employees working day that they hit their peak working performance and is a great time for them to be working on important tasks. By identifying this time you can also ensure that you don’t interrupt their peak by dropping work on them or pulling them away from their desk.

Ditch Coffee and Encourage Water

Research has shown that chilled water has much the same invigorating and stimulating effect as coffee does, without the nasty crash that comes later on. One minor change you can make to promote productivity is to install a tactically placed water cooler for your employees and encourage employees to cut down on their coffee intake without struggling to wake up! For more information on workplace water chillers please visit Angel Springs.

Bulk Tasks Together

Making phone-calls and sending e-mails can distract you from important tasks and interrupt the flow of your work. Instead of making intermittent calls and sending intermittent e-mails you should bulk them together in a period of time in which you can deal with all communications. By having between 3 and 4 periods of bulk communication you can get important calls / e-mails out of the way and free yourself up for important tasks.


This list doesn’t include all of the different things you can do to promote your workplace’s productivity; however, it does show that you don’t need to pull up trees to boost productivity, minor changes can make a big difference and ultimately make you more money.