Have Tesla Already Won The Electric Car Race?

Electric Cars are most certainly the future of the automotive world and Tesla Motors have quickly gained pace with their exciting developments.

Tesla are at a massive advantage, they not only have a car with a much higher range than any other electric car on the market but the model s is also a lot faster in comparison. The Nissan Leaf for example has a range of 75 miles, a figure that is dwarfed by the Tesla Model S’ range of over 260 miles. The only fully electric car with a range anywhere near that of a model S is the Toyota RAV4 EV and Tesla produced the powertrain and batteries for it.

Even the German giant Audi hasn’t been able to produce a cost-effective electric vehicle and the R8 e-tron project produced a cost per car of over $1.3 million and have recently announced that the project will be stopped as the battery technology developments are simply not moving fast enough to enable significant progress.

BMW have also attempted to challenge the Tesla Model S with their i3, however, the car has a range of 60 miles without a pricey range extender which raises the range to nearly 250, still lower than the standard model S range.

I think Tesla have already won the race, they have developed an incredible range of battery and powertrain systems and will surely incorporate them in future models to the same desired effect.

Hopefully in the future the guys at Tesla will also see fit to produce a high end electric sports car, while it would certainly be out of my financial reach, it would be fantastic to see how far Tesla could push their technologies and how well that would do against the established Italian Super-cars, maybe even a formula one team one day.

Elon Musk really has excelled himself with this recent project and has surely created a motor manufacturer with a certain future of success.


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