Do Tomatoes help reduce the Risk of Cancer?

Extensive research has been carried out in the past few years into the effects of a supplement extracted from tomatoes. Not only do tomatoes contain fantastic vitamins A and C but they also contain potassium and folic acid. None of these are used in the supplement in question however, tomatoes also have a compound called lycopene.

Lycopene is the carotenoid pigment which is found in the skin of your tomatoes, this pigment is what gives the tomato it’s healthy red colour.¬† The antioxidant is a natural substance that has recently been found to help reduce the risk of several cardiac centric conditions such as suffering a heart attack or heart disease.

In it’s natural form your body is unable to extract the lycopene from the fruit, however, if the tomato is processed into juices, ketchups and even tomato pills¬†then your body can digest and make use of it. Lycopene isn’t just found in tomatoes though, it can be found in watermelons, guavas and pink grapefruit.

Researchers and Scientists are now looking to find out more about the effect that lycopenehas on cancers like breast cancer, cervical, ovarian and endometrial cancers, the hope is that in the long run this supplement can reduce the risks of certain cancers..

The research did find that lycopene can be associated with good heart health, people who had consumed vast amounts of tomatoes in juices, sauces and even in pizzas showed to have the lowest incidence of having cardiovascular disease. The benefits from taking the supplement are similar to those of a healthy Mediterranean diet as the diet in that part of the world is centred quite heavily around tomatoes and natural foods.

It can be very difficult to prepare yourself a variety of Mediterranean dishes every day of the week and many people just don’t have the time to spend doing it, instead many people choose to invest in supplement packages that deliver the same benefits through a one-a-day tablet.