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Have Tesla Already Won The Electric Car Race?

Electric Cars are most certainly the future of the automotive world and Tesla Motors have quickly gained pace with their exciting developments. Tesla are at a massive advantage, they not…


Rust Free Boats?

I took a trip down to the coast last weekend and was puzzled by something I had seen there. A metal boat was being lifted from the water by a…

International Space Station

3D Printed Moon Base

One of the limiting factors of creating a base on the moon is transporting the materials needed up there and the costs that would be involved. There is the possibility…

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The future of ultrathin laptops

Asus, a taiwanese computer manufacturer, is developing an ultrathin laptop computer consisting of two screens. One screen is on the inside of the lid, the same as a normal laptop….

Tiny Weighing Molecule Scales

New Tiny Molecule Weighing Scale [Breakthrough Technology]

After years of research and experimentation, the field of mass spectrometry has got a break through. Finally the device for which all the physicists have been waiting has arrived and…